Manchester College Case Study

Keyword research was carried out for the whole website and including the courses to see, if they are correct and bringing in traffic

Website amalgamation – Manchester College, created a new website, when doing this all the old URL’s had to be redirected to the new site, so no traffic is lost- this was done by mapping out all the old URL’s and then mapping them with the new ones.

Link-building strategy was put in place to increase organic ranking and visitors which would enhance the search visibility

  • Keyword research carried out to optimise the campaigns
  • Individual ad groups created to target more effectively
  • Bid management to enhance campaign performance
  • A/B testing different campaigns
  • Creating expanded text ads

Display Tasks

  • Specific demographics was set to target certain areas and get the best results
  • Banners created which were appealing to the target audience
  • Segmented the target audience by: age range, gender, interests etc…

Social Media Tasks

  • Go to the college award ceremony and use periscope and Facebook live to reach a wider audience
  • schedule posts and monitor social channels interactions

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